Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adding elbow patches to an old sweater

Patches have been on my mind recently (see proof here). I decided to add some patches to an old sweater. The process is really simple, in theory (see disclaimer below). You can buy suede elbow patches already cut. All you have to do is hand sew them... However, I wanted to make it even easier on myself. I did not want to deal with dry cleaning (suede requires dry cleaning) so I decided to make my very own patches with corduroy. Here is what I did:

Make a pattern out of paper
Cut fabric
Unravel sweater sleeves (to make it easier to sew)
Hand stick (baste) to make sure the piece of fabric is in place (basting here works better than pins due to the location of the patch).
Sew around the edge. Make sure to sew as even as possible.
Sew sleeves back together
Now, you are ready to wear your improved sweater.
In the spirit of keeping things real, I am not 100% in love with the way the sweater came out. Keeping the patches even proved to be more difficult than I thought. I was patient but I think they are still a little crooked... Oh well... I still paid nothing and gave an old sweater a whole new look, so I'm at peace with it.

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