Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Homemade Art

I made this little wall art. Actually, this post is just an excuse to show you what I did in our bedroom. I had this plain wall as you entered our bedroom... I thought it needed some love (no pun intended)
Making this wall art was really easy. Here is how you do it:
With a hole puncher with a heart shape I punched several hearts using different papers (I used old stubs, bus/train tickets and pictures that I have collected from our travels - you could use scrapbooking paper too)
I folded the hearts in half - you can use a bone folder to get a straight fold.
Using glue dots I glued the hearts to a piece of cardstock. Rearrange them as needed to get them all in line. (You could also use a glue gun but you won't have the freedom to rearrange the hearts if you make a mistake) Frame in a shadow box

See how it looks in our bedroom
The wall is looking good, right? I got the perfect size book shelf on our trip to Chattanooga at an antique store. Picture frames from various places (Ikea, Target, West Elm) and some street art collected from our travels.

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