Monday, January 23, 2012

My craft closet - Reorganized

I am excited to show you my much improved craft closet... Let's look at the before picture one more time.
Remember my challenge was to use things I already owned? I think I did pretty good at that:

I framed a piece a pegboard and hung some items (both the pegboard and the glassless frame were gathering dust in my basement - I did buy some pegboard hooks, total $5)
Tissue and wrapping paper now reside in a document organizer (found at Goodwill for $3)
The drawers contain supplies such as small boxes, bows, Halloween/Valentine's day supplies and other party supplies
An old and beat up paper towel dispenser becomes a ribbon dispenser
An old hamper now holds rolls of wrapping paper
What do you think, friends? Did I get you inspired to get your craft closet organized? I hope so... I love how mine turned out...

Do you want to see some of the other home organization projects I have tackled? Go here for my garage makeover and here for my coat closet makeover


  1. Thanks for sharing! I will use some of your tips. It looks very organized!


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