Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mayan red bull

You just did a double take, didn't you? I know I did when I saw this sign

Did we want to try this? You betcha... So we ordered a couple of glasses...It was so, so good. Especially after a morning of bicycling and visiting Mayan ruins in Coba

I paid very close attention to the way the old man was making this drink, so here is what you do:

Squeeze a few oranges and grapefruits (for a cup you will need 2/3 of a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice to 1/3 of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice)
1 tablespoon of really good honey
1 tablespoon of pollen

Mix one tablespoon of pollen and one tablespoon of honey, add fresh squeezed juice. Drink it up

It was explained to us that this drink has been used by the Mayan people for generations. They believe pollen is good to avoid all sorts of illnesses. I bought a little container of Mayan pollen to bring home with us... Beside the Mayan red bull drink, I am planning to use it with yogurt and smoothies...

PS, I was told that you can find pollen in health food stores. If you know of a place that sells it... Let me know so I can pass the information along...

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