Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get crafting...

When one likes crafting, or has kids, or both... One accumulates a considerable amount of crafting supplies. This posting is for you, the one out there buying the 75% markdowns items the day after every holiday. I've seen you at the store... I know you are out there :)

Anyway, I have a closet where I usually pile up all my crafts and gift wrapping supplies... Want to see it?
I decided it needed some fixing, so I started planning how to improve this (awkward) space. The objective was to use what I already owned, without spending any money... Want to see what I did?

The husband painted the walls with some of the paint we already had. He then installed some shelves that we already had but no longer needed:

Now the closet is ready to be organized... Curious to see how it turned out? Come back on Monday for the reveal...

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