Friday, December 9, 2011

Menu for the week

Italian meatball soup/Salad
Ham and cheese Monte Cristo Sandwiches/Salad
Orecchiette with broccoli, sausage and asparagus/Salad
Oven roasted chicken breast/green rice/pan roasted carrots


Aldi $15
GW of GA $8
Kroger $35

Starting Monday I will be kicking off a 12 day series all about cookies. I thought it was appropriate to re-post all those cookies recipes I have made and posted here in the old blog. Just in case you are looking for some inspiration for all those cookie swaps you might be having with your friends or to be gifted to your kids' teachers... What am I saying? Do you really need a excuse to make cookies? I think not...
Yummy, yes?

Please be back on Monday when the 12 days of cookies extravaganza will start...

Also, since we will be traveling and having family in town the next few weeks I will be taking a break from posting the menues for the week... I will be back soon, though. I promise...

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