Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not home for the holidays

If you live here in the US, Happy Thanksgiving Day to you! We are very excited to take advantage of this long weekend to get away from the cold and soak up on the sun (and do something adventurous too). In my absence I will leave you with some pictures from our trip to Costa Rica. I hope you like them
Have I mentioned how much we loved Costa Rica? I have no real connection to that country (I was not born there nor do I have friends from there) but I can say with certainty that the country and the people from Costa Rica have impressed me. I cannot say enough about the quality of their people. They are polite, generous, all around lovely. Ticos have a saying they use all the time and it goes like this: "Pura Vida", it literally translates to: "pure life". But Pura Vida means much more than that. Pura Vida encompasses their passion for life and the respect of their surroundings... We all could learn a little bit from this beautiful nation and its people.

So here is my wish to you dear reader... to go out there and enjoy life, take advantage of your time here... while we still have it.

Pura Vida!

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