Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lengthening a skirt

How cute are these skirts?... I wanted to add a little something to one of my existing skirts, you know, to make it like the one above so I went through my closet and found a skirt I could change. I decided to increase the length by adding some fabric at the bottom... Let's start with the before picture, shall we?

Nothing wrong with it, really cute, actually. I wanted to change it just a bit so here is what I did:

Cut complementing fabric to your desired length.
Turn skirt up side down,  unravel the hem and also unravel about 3 inches on the sides
Using the seam from the skirt I pin and then sew the new piece of fabric. Iron
Then I sew the sides
Now you are ready to sew the new hem
That's it... Ready to wear it...

A whole new look, right?... Perfect for the fall I think... It beats any of those skirts from Antropologie, right?

Have you been to your local goodwill lately? If refashioning clothes is your thing, you may want to go to goodwill and pick up a couple of items for really cheap. The point is that if you mess up your item, at least you won't feel so bad about it (since you only paid few dollars for it). You will be surprised of the cute things you can find there... My local goodwill is always packed with people... I think a lot more people are on the look out for great deals as of late... Good for them...