Monday, October 10, 2011

Faces hidden in the mountains

Iceland is a very mystic place. Before getting there I read a lot of stories about mystic creatures and Saga adventures passed from generation to generation. You cannot avoid thinking of this once you are there. The landscape is surreal.We enjoyed plenty of sunshine, but some days were a little foggy with a little chill in the air that added so much more to the mystical feel of it all.

We also heard about elves' houses - the legend goes like this: landowners reserve a small potion of their land for "hidden people" to inhabit. If the don't do so, inexplicable things start to happen. It is fascinating stuff. You can read an article about it here if you are interested in learning more about Iceland and their hidden folks.

I'm not saying this is an elf house but it sure looks suspicious... Don't you think?

With all that in mind we could not help to be on the look out for the hidden people... We did not see any, don't worry but we certaintly noticed some interesting things... Call me crazy but don't you see faces in these mountains staring back at you? Because we certainly thought so... You decide...

Look to the right of the first picture, do you see an old man with a big nose staring back at you? The second one looks like a pug, no?

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