Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pictures from the weekend - Two day Walk for Breast Cancer Walk Edition

Very emotional, tiring, exciting, fun weekend... Did I mention tiring? Here are some pictures:

We started our day right after breakfast with a little stretching. Then the survivors (which included 2 of our friends) got to lead us as we started our walk (appropriately to the song "Survivor" by Destiny's Child)... Very emotional yet exhilarating... Cheers and honks everywhere... encouragement at every turn
Our motor crew not only kept us safe but also entertained... They were awesome...
The long walks were made easier by talking to old and new friends
They kept us well fed and hydrated at every {b}rest stop, get it?
Lunch at the Governor's mansion lawn was awesome, I even got to shake hands with our state's first lady
At the end I got the best welcome of all... Happy kids excited to see their mama...
I am honored to have walked with and on behalf of so many wonderful ladies. This is an experience I will not soon forget. 
I hope you enjoyed your weekend too
Now, how am I supposed to carry on with my daily activities with out having people cheering me on every step of the way? I am going to start demanding that from my kids... Every mom deserves that!

PS: I got tons of pictures from Atlanta that I want to share with you. Our walk took us through some of the little gems this city has to offer. Coming soon...

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  1. Well done, Elena (and your co-walkers, of course)!!


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