Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The third time is the charm

Let's pretend that it did not take me three tries to get a smiling picture of my little man
Behind the scenes there was a lot of time-outs and bribing... But I got the pictures!!!
The point of this post is not my smiling little man but the quilt he has wrapped around him. It was made with all of his baby blankets by quilter extraordinaire, sister-in-law, Susan. I love it so much, don't you? She also made one for my little girl too (I'll share a picture of hers later on).
Great way to recycle all of those receiving blankets, crib sheets and dust ruffles, right? A little treasure my kids will have for a very long time...

Thanks Susan for the quilt! I love it so much. M does too, he just doesn't know it jet.

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  1. Looking at those pictures I would have never guessed he didn't want his picture taken! You got some great pics! Thanks for the sweet comments. Miss you all!


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