Friday, August 12, 2011

Menu for the week

Risotto Primavera/Salad
Pasta with spinach/lemon pesto and grilled chicken - Pesto recipe from here/Bruschettas
White bean chicken chilli/salad
Homemade Pizzas with all kinds of toppings/cookies/ice cream and cake


Aldi $23
Kroger $30
Costco $13

This weekend we will be celebrating Miss V's birthday with a pizza party with 4 of her besties at home... Some giggles and messiness are ensured. A lot of prepping will be required to maximize the fun... I'll have all the pictures next week so make sure you come back for that...

On an unrelated subject...

This little blog of mine is my happy place where I like to share all the things we like to do, see, eat... I love my blog for that (and if in the process it gets somebody else inspired, even better). In these uncertain times we are all facing, it is hard to keep a positive outlook toward the future... But we are trying. It will get better, I am certain of it, we just need to hang tight...

There, I just needed to get that off my chest...

Have a happy weekend friends...

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