Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Updating a skirt - Upcycling

Confession: I tend to obsess about clothing when the seasons change. If I see a trend that I like I check every possible website until I find one that I like and can afford. Case in point:

I love this floral pencil skirt, but I don't love the price!

What to do? Well, if those thoughts cross your mind when the seasons start changing I suggest you look in your closet first. I found some skirts that I have not worn in awhile, nothing wrong with them, I actually had it in my pile of clothes to wear around the house (yeah, like I wear a skirt around the house) They were good, I am almost surprised I did not donate them to Goodwill. Anyway, they were perfect for a pencil skirt makeover... A word of advice, if you want to attempt the same thing make sure the skirt you want to alter has a zipper in the back. It works so much better.

You want to see how it turned out?

Before:                                      After:
Here is what I did:
  1. I took another pencil skirt to use it as a guide
  2. Turn the skirt inside out. Position your favorite pencil skirt on top of the skirt you are altering, making sure to align the waistbands. Trace around the pencil skirt with a fabric pencil.
  3. Sew your new side seams on the line.
  4. Cut off the extra fabric, leaving about a half-inch. Zig-zag stitch just over the edges to close them in and prevent fraying. 
That's it friends! So easy. But wait, I did not stop at one skirt (remember? Obsessed!) Check out the others:

I am so happy with the way they tuned out. I have been wearing them for work and for play...
My most resent obsession has been satisfied (without having to pay any money), I wonder what will be the next one...

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