Friday, June 17, 2011

My heart is beating like a jungle drum...

Another stained shirt that needs rescuing. I saw a similar shirt on a Mini Boden catalog (check it out here) and I thought I could recreate it. Once I started to put it together it took a life of its own
Here is what you do...

  1. I took a plain white t and drew with a fabric pencil the desired shape (make sure to cover the stain)
  2. Cut fabric circles about 1 inch in diameter (I used an old t-shirt I have not worn because of a stain).
  3. I fold each circle in half and then in half again.
  4. With needle and thread I sew the folded circles to the t-shirt
Cute right?

Give it to a girly in your life who will be so happy to wear it... It never gets tiring to hear from your little ones how awesome you are to them... Never...
And yes... Emiliana Torrini's song is stuck in my head... Check it... It may bet stuck in yours too!

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