Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keeping memories

Do you want a cheap (and very original) way to display your photos? I have the perfect idea for you. On my last scrapbooking retreat one of the awesome ladies there showed us how to make a little paper bag photo album.

I leave you with the paper bag mini photo album - the photo tutorial...

Here is what you need:

6 lunch paper bags
Glue (Beacon's glue is recommended)
A bone folder
Assortment of card stock - preferably coordinating patterns (great way to use up leftover card stock)
Embellishments if desired (such as stickers, photo corners, etc)
Ruler, scissors
Round paper cutter
Some ribbon


Take your paper bag and fold the bottom up. Use a bone folder to get a straight edge. Do the same with all of the bags

Take 2 of the paper bags and glue the small flaps together, repeat with the other 2 pairs of paper bags

Once the small flaps have been glued take the larger flap of one pair and glue it to the other pair.
Repeat until all the 3 pairs of bags have been glued together (remember large flap with large flap). It will start looking like a little book

Measure the dimension of the bags, large flaps and small flaps.
Measure the card stock of your choice and glue it to each of the pages of the bags. To make the book more interesting mix and match card stock with a similar color scheme or theme...

Now you are ready to add any embellishments like stickers, photo corners, etc...

Next, add a piece of card stock to create a binding. The dimension of it is 5x5. Also, glue two pieces of ribbon so you can tie in a little bow. Embellish the cover as desired
I am planning on making a few more of these to be gifted to the girlies in my life. Maybe I'll add a little disposable camera so they can document a moment in time (are you with me? I'm thinking Christmas, perfect season to document) I'll be posting pictures of those later on in the year...

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  1. All of the photos are missing. I would love to do this tutorial...but the lack of images makes it difficult.


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