Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to rescue a stained shirt

Do you have an everyday t-shirt? You know what I am taking about, the one with simple design that you can wear for work with a blazer and for play with some jeans. My favorite is plain white and I buy them 2 at the time from H&M. I love the way they fit, and for $12 for 2, you can't beat that.

Even though they are reasonably priced I take good care of them, so the other day when I stained one of them I could not stop thinking how I was going to save it. I tried everything, nothing worked. I was stocked with a white t-shirt with a small (but noticeable) stain in the front...
I have seen at the store (such as GAP, Banana Republic and such) plain t-shirts with flowers applique, so I decided to try adding an applique on mine too (to cover the stain).
All I did was cut long strips of fabric from an old t-shirt (I save old t-shirts from when they shrink or get stained - are you starting to see a pattern here?) and I did some free sewing (the great thing about using knit fabric is that it does not fray... and it gives it a raw look). It is that simple, really!
I even use black thread on mine for no reason other than I ran out of white. I think it makes it look great. Don't you think?

And for good measure, here is the back side so you can see the it better
The beauty of this is that it does not have to be perfect so if your sewing skills are not up to par (like me!) it will still look good. Now, I want to do the same with other shirts, I may have to start staining them on purpose to have an excuse to make more (but I won't, don't worry... But I wanna...)

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  1. Very cute idea! Your t-shirt turned out awesome!


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