Thursday, May 19, 2011

Answering friends/readers questions

I often get asked all kinds of questions that I thought I could address here in the old blog. To start this little Q&A session (there will be more posts like this later on), lets address the question of how do we get prepared for a trip? Well, here is what we do:

We like to read as much as we can about the destination by buying (or borrowing from the library) travel books. I do a lot (as in LOTS) of internet research. I also like to hit Flickr for photo inspiration. And nothing gets you in the mood for a vacation like cooking dishes, listening to music and watching movies about the destinations we will be visiting. We take our research seriously friends! Itunes and Netflix get a lot of use here.

Regarding Iceland, we will be watching this weekend "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" and James Bond's "Die Another Day" all filmed in the glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon. We are leaving " A Journey to the Center of the Earth" (The Snæfellsjökull volcano was the location used by Jules Verne to enter the center of the earth) and "Batman Begins" for another weekend.

We have also been listening to a lot of Bjork, Emiliana Torrini and Sigur Ros... All awesome.

This video from Sigur Ros is especially appropriate for the last leg of our trip - New York City. Although I don't understand the lyrics, the music is just so beautiful

Emilina Torrini, I think I have a girl crush, this song is so much fun

And let us don't forget, the incomparable Bjork...

And the food, you asked? Well, Iceland is not exactly famous for their cuisine (when you consider one of the meals is: Hákarl - putrid shark meat, you can guess why) But I did come across some utterly delicious (but expensive) Icelandic yogurt in Whole foods the other day, so we will be enjoying that for now... I can't wait to try the local varieties.

What about you friend? How do you prepare for a vacation? Do you guys like to get excited about a trip by watching movies or listening to music? Please share any other ideas you may have...

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