Friday, March 18, 2011

Menu for the week

Onion and crab souffle (recipe from here)/Salad
Stuffed meatloaf/Wild rice
Curried vegetables/Basmati rice
Tuscan white bean soup/Salad


Aldi/Kroger $38
Costco $8
GW of GA $9

Week II

The eating-the-food-you-already-have-in-your-pantry-or-freezer challenge continues... I'm on a roll friends! So far so good... Are you giving this a try?

Note to self: As I am doing this challenge, do you think I need stick to my shopping list?... Well, when your local store has rotisserie chicken on sale for $3.99 and I have a coupon for $1 off, you tell me, can I pass that up? I think not! I plan to get at least three meals and some really good stock out of this chicken...


  1. Do you shop often with coupons? If so do you have any tips? I read about these ladies that buy entire carts full of groceries for very little money. We are eating out of our pantry this week- will buy a few items like milk and some fresh veggies but I am planning meals with what we have got.

  2. Susan, I usually don't use coupons. My local Supermarket (Kroger) sends coupons every once in a while for their own brand. What I do is wait for those products to go on sale and then I use the coupons... They seem put items on sale on a 2 to 4 weeks cycle.

    I also heard of those people that save tons of money using coupons but I really don't understand how. I realize that we usually don't use the products that issue coupons.

    Check this post: (

    It is from a (really cute) blog that I follow. They have great information about using coupons (among other things). It might help you.

    I hope you guys are doing great... It is so nice here in the South... Happy first day of Spring to you all!

  3. Finally had a chance to look at that. Love their blog and bookmarked it! Great info on couponing. They have me motivated to do some projects around my own house, now I just need to get Darren motivated.

    I finally started my blog, will send you a link later today.

    Looks like you all are enjoying spring, we had a few nice days, and then snow off and on yesterday, at least it didn't stick. We have snow in the forecast two more days this week. I don't ever remember it snowing this late in March before.

  4. I'll be looking for that link! Happy to hear that you are taking the plunge to the blog world... I can't wait to start following it.


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