Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our garage - The update

Finally, our garage is starting to look a little better. We tackled most of the mess during the Thanksgiving weekend. To refresh your memory here is a picture of the before:
And here are some pictures during:
We did a lot of prepping and painting (by we, I mean he)

I love the new wall color! What about and the door in black? I really like it

And now the after:
We organized a little, put up new shelves and rearranged all of our stuff - all this was done over the Christmas break.

Everything has its place: camping gear, gardening and other miscellaneous

One more before and after, this time the closet
Here is where we stand right now
I am pretty happy with the way it is turning out - even the husband is excited... Hell has frozen over!!!... More things to do later on; getting blinds and painting the floor...

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