Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pictures from the weekend

Happy belated Christmas! I am still so exhausted from all the festivities.... Take a peak into our Christmas:
Lots of baking and decorating

And the food friends... So, so good. Pernil, roasted chicken, hallacas, chicken salad and so much more...
Lots and lots of presents

My favorite present: Great grandma's recipe book with all kinds of clippings she has collected over the years. A very special present for sure. I am honored to have received it!
Second favorite present: A recipe collecting book - I am getting the grandmas to hand write all those favorite recipes to be passed to the kids. Great present big bro!
And of course, some more food. Breakfast with leftovers (and a little bit of Cava too!)
Tomorrow, a very white Christmas... Especially exciting since my family has never seen snow...

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