Friday, December 10, 2010

Menu for the week

Chicken and wild rice soup (made with leftover wild rice)/Salad
Panini with brie and raspberries (made with leftover Brie en croute from my holiday girls night out party)/pickled cucumbers
Orzo with garbanzo beans - recipe from here/salad
Porcini mushroom risotto - recipe from here/salad


Aldi/Kroger $40
Costco $12

I hope you all have a nice weekend. It is winter here in the south. We are already wearing our winter coats... No easing into it. We will be taking it easy this weekend. I have been so busy and to top it all off I had a cold. So, not much going on here. OK, maybe one thing: Taking pictures with Santa! I hope to see you back here on Monday.

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  1. Oops! It was brought to my attention that I linked the Risotto recipe to another one I have been wanting to try. Here is the link for the Porcini mushroom risotto we will be eating this week


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