Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New scarf

I made a new scarf inspired by the ones I saw in Paris. A little background: I was in Galeries Lafayette (only the awesomest shopping store in Paris), with a similar scarf in my hand and after much thought I decided I could make my own with one of my old ones. So as soon as I got home I started going through my stash of scarves and I found a wool one I have not worn in ages...
Here is the before and after

Basically, I sewed the edges together and then I sewed the end (I cut off the fringes). It was as easy as that. If your fabric has a little give it will work even better.

And speaking of Galeries Lafayette, this store is magnificent. The building is so beautiful. Check out some of these architectural details:
People (mainly men) sipping champagne while waiting for their companions. If they had something like that here in the US (replace Champagne with beer) the husband will be going to the mall all of the time with me...
By the way, for my little girl's homemade Christmas gift (remember the pledge I took last year?) I will be making her a recycled scarf too. She is totally going to love it. I'll be doing a posting about that later on... 

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