Friday, November 26, 2010

Menu for the week

The Thanksgiving leftover edition (see our Thanksgiving menu here)...

Shepard's pie/green beans (with leftover cornish hens, mashed potatoes and green beans)
Spinach and pancetta strata - recipe from here/Salad (with leftover stuffing)
Vegetable noodle soup/salad (broth made out of the cornish hens bones)
Penne with 5 cheeses - recipe from here - I will be making my own ricotta/salad

Other things we will be making with the leftovers: For this weekend breakfast: buckwheat pancakes with cranberry relish
And for snack: peanut butter and cranberry relish sandwiches on dinner rolls
Aldi/Kroger $41
Costco $27

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving day. We are taking advantage of the long weekend to take care of lots of things around the house. Our plans include getting all the Christmas decorations up, some after-thanksgiving shopping, and garage renovating. Yes, we are going to be scraping, painting, cleaning and, if we have enough time, organizing our garage... More on that little project soon.

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  1. Those pancakes were fantastic! Whoever made them got them the perfect color. Ha ha ha!!!


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