Monday, November 1, 2010

A is for apples

So you remember we went apple picking, right? Well, here is a rundown of all the goodies we've made.
Delicious apple sauce (for school snacks)
Even better apple butter (great for breakfast on some homemade bread)
For good measure I baked a couple of apple crostatas (for our school fall festival)
Some really good apple bread
And spiced applesauce cake.

Well, that concludes my apple extravaganza. We loved making (and eating) all these delicious treats... we have our pantry and freezer stocked up with apple goodies. I can't wait to go back for more.


  1. Elenita, How do you freeze breads, cakes and all those goodies? The recipes are great! I m going to try them. My son loves apples. Thanks for the wonderful ideas amiga.

  2. Dane, I haven't tried to freeze the apple breads but I think it can totally be done. Just make sure you wrap it very well with plastic wrap and aluminum foil and put is in a resealable plastic bag. Then when you ready to eat it, defroze until room temperature and enjoy. You may even put the bread in a hot oven for few minutes to warm it up. Eat right away...


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