Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I want to remember - French Alps

Chamonix's main attraction. Cable car to Anguille du Midi (Europe's tallest lift station)

Take a look at the Vellee Blanche or ice tunnel where daring mountain climbers get ready to go on their descent down the mountains... And a very curious little boy
Gorgeous views from the top - Can you spot Mont Blanc?
The same daring mountain climbers... They make a 11 mile run from here to Mer the Glace in half a day - Crazy, Huh?

Mandatory picture! Notice grouchy child...Not even the giddy air of the mountains can make a grumpy child happy, only snacks (notice the snack bag too)

Once down we reflected... I love when the stars line up like this (and I have my camera handy). Then, we took a walk around town
We then drove to another beautiful alpine town - Annecy

So nice, right? After a nice dinner we walked back to our car for our drive back home and promised ourselves we will be back to this beautiful town again.

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