Friday, September 10, 2010

Menu for the week

Grilled paninis with pesto, roasted red pepper and brie/Salad
Bucatini with porcini mushrooms and ricotta/Salad
Leek and potato soup/Garlic bread/Salad
Shrimp tacos with smoked-jalapeno-pepper-in-adobo crema/Avocado a tomato salad


Aldi/Kroger $ 25
Costco $13
Super H $10

Have you noticed my trend to make more vegetarian meals? I am trying to keep on my newly acquired Flexitarian philosophy (I first talked about it here). It saves us a ton of money too and this summer we have been able to use all of our summer crop... And speaking of garden, we are going to extend it for the fall. I'll be posting about that later on.

PS. I made the jalapeno crema with some deliciously aromatic smoked peppers with adobo gifted to us by our neighbour Brandon. If I can talk him into telling me how he made them I will share the recipe with you all. Basically, I blended in a food processor the peppers with some mayo and sour cream until smooth, spread on top of your tacos... Deliciously spicy.

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