Thursday, September 2, 2010

Animal Safari and the girl with the camera

My friend Tara offered to take my 2 kids to the Animal Safari in Pine Mountain GA while I was at work. Only a great friend like her can make such a generous offer as she has 2 kids of her own to worry about. I'm telling you, best-friend-ever! Anyway, they headed down to Pine Mountain and spent the day checking out the animals and had a picnic. Little Miss V took her camera (gift from tio Leo - check it out) and took the most amazing pictures...I'm telling you, the girl has a great eye. This little camera takes surprisingly great pictures. They almost look like they were taken with a Holga or a Diana. You have to appreciate the beauty of Lomography and the nostalgia it brings. Here is a little slideshow from that day:
Great, huh? But wait there is more...

I love the colors, the feel of them all (especially the last one... I don't know why but I think its super cool!) Now, I am getting the itch to go there to check it out for myself. I hear you can feed the giraffes...So cool. We may plan a little trip for later on, in early fall...When the temperature in these parts starts to cool down a little bit. Now its almost unbearable...sigh...

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