Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pictures from the weekend

Brace yourselves because this is a long one! We had a whirlwind of a weekend. We decided to go to Jekyll Island to celebrate our little boy's 4th birthday (instead of having a birthday party for him). We thought this would be a good family break. God only knows that this might be the last time we can get away with something like that for him. Before getting to Jekyll we took a little detour to Savannah and had some dinner, Ah! what a lovely town that is! We took a little walk on River St.

Lots of boats passing by

A little love with our dinner

The next morning at our destination we all walked (some of us ran) to the beach

And took a dip in the pool. Great way to cool off

Then we headed to historic downtown for a visit to the Turtle Rescue Center, so much fun and very educational

A little ice cream break was needed
and more hanging around Downtown

Back in the hotel we had cake and opened presents...

We scored big time with his present... He was clearly smitten

We topped off the night with a shrimp and crab low country boil... So good!

Next morning we woke up early and took a little walk on the beach

We even saw a dolphin! Can you spot her in the picture?

What a lovely weekend that was... This week kiddos went back to school and the routine started all over again. Summer is practically over folks! I for one am looking forward to some cooler temperatures!


  1. Que rico fin de semana, y ese cumpleanero se parece cada dia mas a los tios.

  2. No me canso de decirlo, igualito a su tio Kiki! sabes que pidio de desayuno de cumpleanos? Arepas! Este fin, a prepararlas!

  3. Jeje, bueno eso es definitivamente heredado de su abuelo :) Manana llamo a ese negrito lindo para felicitarlo en su cumple.


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