Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to school

Yes, my big girl is going to 2nd grade. I can hardly believe it!

Back to school means finding ways to pack lunch boxes for our children that include nutritious foods and that they would want to eat (not to mention that won't need microwaving). I have been very disappointed with the choices our school offers to our kids (it did not help the fact that Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution exposed it even more) so like last year, I will be sending my kids to school with a lunch box every day. I admit, it gets hard after awhile...to find ways to be creative. I thought a posting with good kids lunch ideas was in order. Check out this video...It is packed full of great information:

Ideally, I like to send my kids to school with 4 things: a "main course" (such as a sandwich, wrap, roll up, quesadilla, pasta salad etc), a fruit, a vegetable and heathy snack (sometimes I even add a little treat like a tootsie roll or a lolli pop). I may switch things up by replacing the fruit or vegetable for a yogurt, cottage cheese or a piece of string cheese. Basically, I try to make their lunch as balanced as I can. I hope the video above gives you some good ideas. If you want some more ideas for lunch boxes check this article from Gwinneth Paltrow's GOOP newsletter, it has great information. And for some serious lunch box eye candy check out this blog. It is just too cute..


  1. Gaa! Is it that time already?! I'm a big supporter of reusable containers and insulated lunch bags; the kids usually enjoy what's left over from the previous dinner.

  2. Great video and website! I send lunch boxes at least 3-4 times a week. I am disappointed with the school lunch choices.My kindergartner is awful picky! I spend a lot of time planning lunch for him. My 3rd grader is easy but I have to be created so he does not get bore eating the same foods every week. I love getting ideas from magazines and websites. I will send you a website that I like and find useful all the time.


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