Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More recycled notebooks

I made two new sets of notebooks with recycled paper (you can see the first set here). I like to keep these notebooks scattered around the house to make notes and lists (I always keep one in my purse with my grocery list). Basically, I save all the paper that is blank in the back, add some card stock and scrapbooking paper (here is where all the extra scrapbooking supplies come in handy) and make these little notebooks. Give it a try if you like... Here is a link to the video.

The second set was inspired by notebooks I saw in bookstores and souvenier shops in Paris.They were so beautiful but very expensive (I've also seen similar in Anthopologie... Those too were expensive). I wanted some so I made my own by using pretty wrapping paper that I found at a craft store.

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