Thursday, June 24, 2010

A guide to Paris - through the eyes of a six-year-old

I have read just about every guide to Paris there is on the internet... So I thought I'd add one more to the mix but this time though the eyes of my six-year-old girl... None of these recommendations can be missed if you are traveling to Paris (with or without kids), let's start:

Place du Tertre (Montmartre): great for street art watching. This child of mine wanted to see every single piece of art... It was adorable

Amorino (all over the city): Not only does this Italian gelateria have great ice cream, they shape it like a flower... V was in heaven

Street performances (all around Paris especially in Trocadero and the Latin quarter): She was mesmerised by them... Even to a point she wanted to start dancing to see if she could get some money in the process... Can you detect some father encouragement here?

Crepes (all over the city): Savory or sweet. Mid morning or mid afternoon snack. Anytime is a good time for Crepes.

Laduree (Rue Bonaparte): OK, I do not want to sound cliche here as this pastry shop is recommended all over the blogland but the macaroons from Ladure are absolutely fabulous. Salted butter caramel was her favorite... They are worth a try!

Place de Notre Dame (Nothe Dame Cathedral): For pigeon chasing or bird feeding. Just plain fun.

Eiffle tower at dusk (Champs de Mars): An experience that cannot be missed (It is like waiting for a Christmas tree to be lighted). Needless to say we did not get home until really late that night!

Pet and flower district (Quai des Tuileries): Need I say more? We almost could not get her out of there.

Fondue: Yes, you read that right! We missed trying it when we when to the Alps so as soon as we saw it in a restaurant in Paris we ordered it for her... the girl devoured it (not that I can blame her)

Lastly, souvenir shops (all over the city): my girl could not contain herself. Especially she felt the need to own a beret... pink nonetheless. She did not take it off the whole time after we bought it. And of course the mandatory Eiffle tower statute to remind her of a wonderful trip to an equally wonderful city which I am sure she will return to one day!


  1. This is great! I love the pink beret - tres chic!! :)

  2. What a beautiful little girl you have! She looks like her daddy... ;-)


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