Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kikki K

Couple of months ago my sister send me the most fabulous loot from down under. She told me about this store some time ago and I tell you from what I received...I am in love!...the goodies are so cute.
Check out the meal planners (can you say appropriate? does my sister knows me or what?)

Anything you need for organizing you can find there (hello?...Are you calling me by name?) and all other everyday goodness you can imagine...Too bad you are not here in the US. I am sure it will be the going-to place for all my office and stationery necessities. If you happen to be in Australia check them out. I know I will next time I'm am there.

PS, Other fabulous store from down under that you CAN find here in the US is: Pumpkin Patch...just adorable children fashion and you are able to find really good deals there!

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