Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where have they been?

It is no secret that Mark and I love to travel, and ever since we had kids we've taken them along for the ride. I have been asked a lot about all the places the kiddos have been internationally (beside camping trips, beach trips and family visits) so here is a run down of the places they have been:

Venezuela age 6 mos:
Playa Colorada, Venezuela

Canada age 1 yr:
CN tower, Toronto, Canada

Germany/Switzerland/Italy age 1
Donaueschingen, Germany

Luzern, Switzerland

Bellagio, Lake como, Italy

Italy (Tuscany region) Age 2:
Florence, Italy

Venezuela age 2.5
Los Altos de Santa Fe, Venezuela

Mexico Age 2.5:

Having lunch at the famous "El rey del cabrito", Monterrey Mexico

Germany/France/Austria age 4:
Bodensee, Germany
Strasburg, France
Halststat, Austria

England (Cotswolds and London)age 5:

Upper Slaughter, Costwolds, England

Germany/France/Austria age 1:
Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany
Petit Paris, Strasburg, France
Stadtpark, Vienna, Austria

Venezuela age 2:

Castillo San Carlos de Borromeo, Pampatar, Venezuela

England (Cotswolds and London)age 2.5

Stonehenge, England

Next up... France (Burgundy, French Alps and Paris). Ages 6 and 3

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  1. That's great --- how many languages do they speak already?


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