Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is she into right now...

Per little brother (not necessarily accurate, sounds more like his favorites, but this is his point of view)...

Favorite cartoon: Arthur
Favorite food: Arepas and pasta with pesto
Favorite activities: Painting
Favorite friend: Sean
Favorite movie: Diego
Favorite country/city: Paris (I wonder if that answer has anything to do our upcoming trip)

Other favorites: Karate moves with daddy, playing the exercise game like "Simon says". Putting all (and I mean all) her stuffed animals in bed before bedtime and my favorite: humming NPR's "All Things Considered" theme song (I am especially proud of that as I am a big NPR geek).

Self portrait by Miss V

One more tibit to share:
A couple of weeks ago Miss V had her turn to be the Star Student. She had to prepare a poster to describe herself. I gave her a box with pictures from our last trip and she put it all togerher...I love the "Yo hablo espanol" phrase.

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