Monday, April 26, 2010

The trip to France (and the girl that didn't know how to get up the Eiffle tower)

That is the title of the book Miss V wrote. She loves making her own books...I thinks she gets that from her grandma Linda.

"Look the Eiffel tower, mommy!" / "How do you get up there, mommy?"

But her mom didn't say. "How do you do it?" / "Let's have some crepes." She said "OK." "She said but then tell me."

"NO!" She said, "I said no." (I guess mommy is getting mad at her!) / Then she meets a friend. "Hi!"

"Lets play." "OK. Do you want to go to the Eiffel tower?" / "Sure! I want to eat a crepe." (she is very excited about trying them...Can you tell?)

"I am going to pick flowers" / "Look! a French whistle"

"I like that one mommy." "OK." / "Let's play more and more and more!"

"I'll tell you." / "It's an elevator."

I love these little bursts of spontaneity... and can you tell how excited she is about going on this trip? She is even learning some phrases in French.


  1. Hee hee! I love this story (but I might be a bit biased...).

  2. Nice - hopefully I am not a great fan of Freud or Jung...
    Anticipation is a great part of most good things; did our consumer society destroy that too?


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