Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth day

In honor of Earth day I thought I would make a post about travel and the impact to our environment. I read this post and I started to think about the way we travel. I was able to check off just about all the ways she listed to be a little greener. Here is the run down:

Flying direct: helps to cut down the excess emission. Not always the best option as far as economics but it is a good idea when you travel with two small children.

Purchasing carbon offsets: not there yet. I have not done enough research to be comfortable with the idea. I'll keep you posted.

Walk and use of public transportation when abroad: A big yes. That is pretty much what we do once we arrive into a new town.

Trains instead of plains: We found it more convenient to rent a car for travel within countries (instead of flying or taking the train) due to the fact that our kids are under the age of 6. We are thinking once they are a little older and can carry their own backpacks we will be taking trains to go from country to country.

Stay put: We rent a cottage/apartment/villa in which ever place we stay. It works better for us and the kids. It is just too hard for them to be moving from town to town.

Eat local: and lots of it...There is no other way to experience a new country...We love every thing about it.

Staying on a Farm: Haven't done it yet but are planning to do it when the kids get a little older
Pack light: My mantra... Almost an obsession with me. We are able to pack all of our outfits for a two week vacation in 3 carry ons (not checking luggage at the airport). Remember, 2 adults and 2 children traveling.

Lastly, I bring my foldable tote: with me so I do not have to purchase plastic bags at the store. I bought mine here.

So there you have it...I just needed to get that off my chest :)

Of course, a picture of my little environmentalist and her "Save our Planet" tee!


  1. {caution, strong opinion}
    I am not a big fan of Earth Day...
    In itself the idea is commendable, but after 40 years, I find it pathetic to try to raise anyone's awareness...

    If we don't know by now, it is by design!

    Planting a tree or recycling anything today will absolve us for all our past and present habits?
    I don't think so...

    Ahhh yes, I can't help it:
    What you are calling the "economics" of direct flying are more like the PRICE of it --- Cost wise, direct flying is cheaper.

    {end rant}

  2. No harm done Fred, it is your opinion and I respect it. As for the cheaper flights I find it more expensive to flight direct (case in point our upcoming trip to France) - the cheapest flight and the one I was willing to pay had a lay over in Manchester, UK...What to do? All direct flights were twice as much. Oh well... Thanks for stopping by... I enjoy ready your feedback.

  3. @Fred:

    I think I understand where you are coming from... One day to celebrate and buy a plant, and then the next day everyone goes back to driving their Hummers and wiping their butts with 5 ply toilet paper. But they feel better about it because "hey - I bought a plant!" It needs to be a change to everyday habits. How much do we really need to consume? The answer for most of us is a lot less.


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