Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Atlanta Botanical garden

I have been meaning to share these pictures with you. Some time ago I went on another field trip with photog's friends. We met up at the crack of dawn and went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. All was good until we got rained out... Don't feel too bad though... After the rain was gone it added another dimension to the shoot. I got to remember to do a little more in town exploring...


  1. Love the images! I know it's the eye and not the gear, but the gadget geek in me gots to know. What are you shooting with?:)

  2. Hi Meguro! Here is what I use: My camera is a Canon XT Rebel (nothing fancy). I have 3 lenses: the one that came with the camera (wide angle lense 17-55mm), a telephoto (28-200mm) and my favorite, a 50mm fixed lense. The last one is the one that I use the most and gives the images all that yummy blur. All my gear is what some will considered for beginner. I would like to get some more lenses but what I have right now works well and best of all, I am very familiar with my gear. That in my opinion is the key to taking better pictures! I hope this answer your question.

  3. Yes, thank you, Elena. I have a dream to some day buy a super fast wide angle zoom for my Olympus, but day to day I try to do the best with what I've got (standard kit lenses).


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