Monday, March 1, 2010

Pictures from the weekend

from two weekends ago to be exact... Sorry for the delay, but we have had our share of computer issues. Anyway, we had another surprise here in Georgia. We got 4" more of snow... Everything looked beautiful. Needless to say the kids where begging us to take them outside. I was trying to get over a cold so I only got to stay outside for a little bit but Mark and the kids played for awhile. Here are some pictures from the snow fall ...

All the neighbors came out to play

A little hot cocoa after all the fun in the snow
And to cap it all off some yummy breakfast and Valentine's love from my sweeties.

As a comparison...Here is a picture from last weekend.

Can you believe the difference? One weekend we are in winter gear playing in the snow and the next we are in sandals and t-shirts riding bikes...It is officially crazy weather here in Georgia!

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