Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My sewing machine has new pajamas

Daugther: Mami, what are you doing?
Mom: something for the sewing machine.
Daughter: new pajamas?
Mom: Huh? Well yes! (what else would I be making, right?)

Check out the new pajamas...

My friend Victoria gave me a huge piece of leftover fabric from one of her projects. I accepted gladly because I thought I could use it on something... I wasn't sure what yet. I have been looking for a plastic cover for my sewing machine and none of the stores close by had it...So what am I to do? figure how to make one...How difficult can it be? So using the fabric gifted to me I came up with pajamas/cover for my sewing machine. I basically figured out a pattern and after some trial and error I came up with this. I am happy with the finished product.

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  1. Elena are u romanian? if so, so do I. nice cover by the way.


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