Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Double the fun

My friend Tara and I have been entertaining the idea of baking together and sharing the fruit of our labor with each other. We thought that we could make a big batch of dough and share it with each other...Half the work, more home made bread to be enjoyed. We got together a couple of weeks ago for some baking at her house. We baked some pizza dough and made 2 different versions of chocolate babka. I did this one and she did this one. Both awesome. Can't wait to keep trying new ideas for making bread...

There is nothing like out of the oven bread made with love...Here is Tara's version

The veredict: they are both so good it is so hard to pick a favorite. We are thinking of combining the recipe from my version with the strussel topping from her version...


  1. I love chocolate babka, but my kids finish it before I can get to it! Also love all the images. Always available light?

  2. Thanks Meguro! We are lucky enough to live in the south...The sun is always shining. But honestly, I always try to take the pictures close to the windows. That is Mark holding the Babka by the window! (now you know my secret) Thanks for stopping by!


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