Monday, February 8, 2010

slow food

The French and the Italians got it right...Take your time to enjoy your meal with family and friends. By savoring every bite you not only will enjoy your meal but also help you consume less of what you would otherwise. I could never forget one time in Florence we were in a farmers market eating a "quick breakfast" to continue our day of exploring when the guy at the market signed us to sit down and said "mangiare, mangiare". We understood it: take it easy, enjoy your food, don't be in such a rush. I am a fast eater, I admit it, but I am making every effort to embrace that philosophy. I saw a piece in 60 minutes where Leslie Stalh interviewed Alice Waters a big advocate for slow food movement. I was fascinated by her. She talked about the pleasures of going to a farmers market, picking up your foods and preparing meals at home...the way my parents did it when I was growing up. I do a lot of that already (substitute farmers market with super market). I just need to practice more about eating it slowly...and enjoying the process. It should be easy, right?
PS. This picture is from the market in Florence. Did you check out the size of those porcinis and portobellos? What about the cute little bags where the put the food in... Ahhhh, Italia

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