Friday, February 19, 2010

Menu for the week

Pesto, roasted red pepper and brie pannini/salad
Minestrone - recipe from here/salad
Grilled chicken parmesan/Mashed potatoes/roasted broccoli
Gemilli with roasted red pepper sauce - recipe from here/Salad


Aldi/Kroger $27
Costco $14

I know what you're thinking...Seriously? $41 for groceries for a week? Well, truth be told, I have a lot of leftover vegetables from last week's trip to the farmer's market. I bought celery, carrots and savoy cabbage that we did not entirely use on last week's meal...Therefore they are going on this week's minestrone (I only needed to buy some short pasta and some canellini beans for protein). I do not buy pesto since I make my own (remember this post?) I still have a couple of bags in the freezer from last fall. I do the same with the red peppers after I roast them...But I ran out of those... The jar ones work very well. I bought chicken breast on the bone on sale so I stocked up. I am accounting for it in this week budget. I make it go further by deboning, butterflying and pounding the meat. You can get a lot of miles out of 3 chicken breasts. And yes, Mark and I bring our lunch to work everyday...With the leftover chicken Parm I will be making sandwiches.

Share tips if you have any... And have a wonderful weekend!

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