Friday, January 8, 2010

Menu for the week

Soba noddles with shaved pork/ Salad with Asian dressing
Chicken enchiladas/Salad
Beef patties with onion sauce/potatoes/salad
Split peas soup/Panzanella

Aldi/Kroger $28
Costco $25
Super H $6

If you are wondering about where I get some of the dishes I prepare, they are a combination of my own dishes that I have created during the years, dishes I learned from my mom/sister/aunts, some of my favorites from my girls Ina, Giada and Rachel and I get a lot of ideas by signing up to Martha Stewart's dinner tonight from Everyday Foods. I signed up for their newsletter and they email me a recipe everyday. Some of them are really good! If you have not signed up for it you should give it a try. Check it out.

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