Monday, January 18, 2010

For today

I read about this little exercise somewhere...Come play with me, would you? The questions are in bold:

Outside my window...leafless tree, cold outside.

I am thinking... Of the devastation left by the earthquake in Haiti and what else I can do to help (maybe a bake sale?). We have already made a donation to UNICEF. What about you?

I am thankful for... Health and how lucky we are to live in this generous country.

From the kitchen... European breakfast. Today is a school holiday here in Georgia (Martin Luther King Jr. Day). We are having breads with jam and nutella, cheeses, hard boiled eggs, blueberry coffee cake and, of course, coffee (with a generous side of Edith Piaf :)).

I am wearing... Pajamas (no school today, did I already say that?)

I am thinking of creating...A scarf for Miss V, new napkins (maybe I need to have a dinner party).

I am hearing...the sound of our neighbor's truck pulling into his driveway.

Around the house... Packages to be mailed, clothes that need to be folded and put away...

A picture to share...

Soba noodle salad

Do you remember last week we had in our menu shaved pork with soba noodles? Well, I made the whole pound of noodles and after two meals I still had 2 cups left so I made soba noodle salad for lunch yesterday. I use this recipe and made some changes since I did not have all the ingredients...It is fool proof...Delicious!

Check out our kiddies...I am so proud of them. They ate it all and loved it!

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