Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wrapping Christmas gifts

In my pursuit to be more "green" I have stopped buying wrapping paper. I used to always stock up after the holidays, but I did not do that last year. Think about it, it is perfectly good paper that ends up in the trash. Of course, I have to find a new way to wrap my gifts but newspaper was not an option for me. I have seen in the blogsphere people using their childrens' artwork, paper bags from Trader Joe's and even making their own fabric bags. Last year when I was working at the architectural firm I stocked up on blue prints/plots that were going to end up in the recycling bin. I decided to use those as this year's wrapping paper...Add a little of ribbon and a tag and we are good to go? What do you think? I think the gifts look great and so coordinated... and kind of goes with the decoration...

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