Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year resolutions

Stay positive despite negativity everywhere.

Don't stop dreaming...Don't be afraid to follow your dreams (ours are basic, they do not include iphones, or new cars, or designer outfits...if you know us you know our dreams are pretty basic...)

Take on knitting again...I want to make a scarf for Miss V...She seems to have the same infatuation with them as me.

Continue strengthening our relationships with friends. Friendships should be easy but we cannot forget about them...we have to continue nurturing them in order for them to flourish into lifetime friendships.

Which brings me to the last thing, remember that things are just things...don't get so obsessed with having them...and money is only money...we can live with a lot less than we thought possible as long as we have friends and family to count on.

That is what I will be working on this new year...How about you?

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