Friday, December 18, 2009

Menu for the week

Split pea soup/Salad
Rigatoni alla Florentina/Salad (A family favorite)
Coq-au-vin/Creamy polenta/Salad
Grilled chicken Parmesan/Grilled polenta (made with leftover polenta) /Salad

Aldi/Kroger $ 40
Costco $ 7

Do you want to know what is my secret to a perfect salad dressing? My Idealisk 10" balloon whisk from Ikea. Before I purchased this whisk I could not get my salad dressings to be emulsified the way I like them. Now it is awesome. I've made every vinaigrette you can think of...I just love them all. My kitchen is always stocked with all kinds of vinegars and oils to whip up a salad dressing anytime. Always on hand: balsamic, red wine, white wine, apple cider and rice wine vinegars and olive, canola and macadamia nut oils. Other things always on hand: garlic, Dijon mustard and raspberry preserves. On my wish list: champagne vinegar and walnut oil.

If you are wondering how much this is...Only $1.50 (for both). Best purchase ever.

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