Thursday, December 3, 2009

I pledge to buy handmade...Sort of

I found out about this movement and I want to be part of it somehow. I realize it may be a little unrealistic with my two small kids (since they have very good ideas of what they want for Christmas and it has nothing to do with homemade and all to do with robots and princesses) but I will start little this year. I already have a couple of little things I have been working on for them. Whether you sew it/craft it yourself, use Etsy online, go to local shop, or make something from your own kitchen, a handmade gift is a thoughtful one.


  1. Elenita; me encanta el blog y como has utilizado todos los tesoros y recursos que tenes, ademas de ser una tremenda amiga!! me dan muchas ganas de comenzar uno a mi tambien!

  2. Gracia Maria...Te lo debo a ti por impulsarme a hacerlo.


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