Friday, November 13, 2009

Menu for the week

Spinach and tomato lasagna/salad
Turkey tostada/salad
Hungarian Gulash/egg noodles/salad - with what's left over I will be making gulash soup. Thanks Helge for such an awesome idea!
Vegetarian Chilli

Aldi/Kroger $46
Costco $4
Super H $5

This week ,I am cleaning up my pantry. Basically, I look for unused items in my pantry and make meals out of them. Sometimes I buy more than one thing because it is on sale and I stock up. Therefore, by cleaning up my pantry I make sure items are not kept there for too long. This week I am using canned tomatoes for the lasagna, leftover black eyed peas (that I froze from a previous meal), and gulash seasoning our friends Markus and Ilona sent us from Germany. For desert, sticky date pudding from England.

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