Monday, October 12, 2009

Movies I've seen lately

When my friend Maria came to town we went to see "Julie and Julia". This movie, beside being very good had awaken the desire to learn more about French food...I will be getting my hands on Julia Child's Mastering the art of French cooking and get busy practicing...I want to make sure I have some dishes down before our trip to France next year...

Other movies I've seen: Running the Sahara a documentary about 3 runners that decided to run the Sahara for charity. It took them 111 days thru 7 countries and equivalent of 1.5 marathons per day...Crazy. They were raising money to build water pumps in the countries visited. The photography was amazing. Very entertaing movie for sure. I also saw Persepolis an animated film about the Iranian revolution thru the eyes of a girl...It was so engaging, so fascinating. A must see for sure.

Next movie on my list of must see: Capitalism, a love story...

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